Gig Review: Stonefield @ The Rosemount

Got to check out these incredible chicks on their recent WA tour.

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There was a little bit of a rock show going on at The Rosemount on Thursday night. If you were there you would have witnessed some of the best new talent in the music world at the moment.

The night kicked off with the kids from Sugarpuss giving the surprisingly older crowd a rockin’ show with their cool 70’s psych vibe setting the level for the night. These boys were tight with their performance and quickly pleased the crowd with their smooth guitar work and rhythm. With good vocals and drum work, they left an energetic buzz in the air, perfect for the start of the evening.

Sonpsilo Circus were up next and although they did seem a little bit all over the place at the start they managed to get it together eventually to show there is very good reason this lot were on the recent line-ups for Southbound and Big Day Out. Continuing the vein of the night, the guys burst into the songs with gusto and had the crowd well happy. The lead singer did try to have a chat with the crowd at one point but it did sound like there were one too many pints of Swan in his belly. They pushed on and gave an awesome performance with strong guitar work and killer drums.

Soon enough, the crowd got bigger and was eagerly awaiting the main act. It was great to see such a diverse group of people out for the night. Older folk clearly enjoying the sounds of their day, hipsters happy to be there supporting the local success. Not only were they getting entertained to the max, they were also supporting National SLAM (Save Live Australian Music) Day, whether they knew it or not. The first ever National SLAM Day was being celebrated with local gigs in venues country wide and it’s quite possible The Rosemount was hosting one of the best ones.

And at the exact time they were due to start, the girls from Stonefield graced the stage and proceeded to blow our minds with that familiar kick drum beat coming in loud and heavy. As the girls cranked it on stage, the crowd drew in heavy and were loving it. As they moved into their second song, Foreign Lover, it was clear this crowd were long time fans of the girls. Sarah on keys got the groove in the middle and was a stand-out making a beautiful song with easy melodies, smooth guitar and piercing vocals. This is certainly an old favourite to showcase each member of the band and their respective pieces.

They continued to amaze and entertain – with each song came more slicing guitar riffs, heavier thumping of the drum and just pure energy emerging from the stage. To watch these girls play together is amazing, you feel the click, the heartbeat as one and you can’t help but move along with it all. Their playing precision is unbelievable. They’ve bought back the feeding off one another on stage, back in the day when band members would go right up to each other and play their hearts out almost like battle of the guitarists right on stage, you could see that in Holly (bass) and Hannah (guitar) where they would face each other and kick it out… old school style and that’s why these chicks can pull off a killer performance.

The girls smashed out about fourteen songs to an almost full house. They had the crowd in their hands from the get go proving that they have a serious following in Perth. Being their fourth time over here already, it’s clear they love us as much as we love them. One track that they’ve recently recorded for their forthcoming EP, Ruby Skies, made it to the set. A memory for the Black Saturday bushfires this is a standout song with beautiful vocals from Amy (drums). Black Water Rising came through fast and heavy, giving the crowd something to move into before they swung into the absolutely mind blowing cover of Whole Lotta Love. Quite possibly one of the best covers ever heard; it had the crowd in arms and wanting more. The girls shook the stage just as they did when they gave this cover at Glastonbury last year, complete with Holly giving an intense hair windmill just to really give the show more rock cred.

Through the Clover finished things up nicely and the girls left the stage from a crowd that had fallen hard. Two minutes later and they were back on stage to give another cover song, this time Magic Carpet Ride which was well received for the unsuspecting people that didn’t think there would be an encore.

Seeing these girls takes you on a trip back to when you parents were young and just discovering these amazing sounds and if you close your eyes you can imagine what it was like when life was simple and it was all about the music. If you want to get lost in the past then don’t miss the next chance to see music in its purest form next time Stonefield are in town.

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