Gig Review: WAMi JumpClimb Showcase @ The Bakery

Got to witness some amazing local talent at the WAMi Festival JumpClimb Party Showcase, check it all out below.

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Reviewing a local gig is intriguing because you never know what to expect. You can research all you want on the web, YouTube etc, but at the end of the day you just have to wait and see what comes out of the woodwork and onto the stage. And the creatures that came out to play at the WAMi Festival JumpClimb Party Showcase at The Bakery on Thursday night were a brimming mixture of hip hop beats, dub, disco and (of course) bags of talent.

Bastian’s Happy Flight kicked off the party, bringing their funky beats and carefree demeanour to entertain the few punters that were there early. With their pop/disco feel, these guys certainly fit the bill and had people bopping along in no time. You could imagine these guys warming up the crowd at a summer festival. Some of the songs have a cheerful beat with a strange, dark vibe that makes you pay attention.

Relationship Denial was a crowd favourite with some great vocals and a sweet smooth groove to relax into. With airplay on Triple J Unearthed digital radio station, Bastian’s Happy Flight is making groovy waves in the scene. These guys bought the easy vibe with chilled moments mixed with some driving beats to bring the sound something different. By the end of the set the punters that were there were certainly warmed up.

Sunshine Brothers were up second, bringing their well-known soulful groove to the party. These guys take you to another place. The trumpet is killer mixed with the bongo drums, who doesn’t love bongos!? Close your eyes and you can imagine yourself on a beach, far away from the cold Perth night. You’re cruising away, swinging your hips and you can’t stop moving. With most of the songs being instrumental, you can get lost in the moment but when the vocals eventually come in it adds that element which brings you back to your place. Their songs have that formula where it all just works, the trumpet harping and the drums kicking along like a well-oiled machine. This is the stuff that belongs on stage in front of a thirsty crowd – stuff that you can really move to and really enjoy it. If you ever get the chance to see the Sunshine Brother do it with your whole soul and expect nothing less than a banging set.

The party kicked up a notch when Sam Perry got to the stage. A standout performance for the night, Perry is ahead in the industry bringing his dub/electronica looping performance to the forefront of the Perth scene. With performances at the One Movement festival, Parklife and support sets under his belt, things are on the up with his UK tour happening this month. What Perry can do with a loop station, an effects pedal and his voice is incredible. The tracks build up, with his vocals giving it all to the end, screeching for the climax but then the bass comes and slams it back down again hard, bringing a noise that explodes in your head. Bursts of rapping made some of the songs, with the loop of “my girlfriend’s a lesbian” cutting through in the background adding a nice touch. Sam put a call out for freestyle and Brian James Kruger from The Empty Cup joined him on stage. The two of them feeding off each other was brilliant. Its things like this at local gigs that make you love the close-knit scene of Perth. Perry’s performance was mesmerizing, if you’re not careful you can get lost in the trance, unless you want to of course. He definitely made a spectacle of himself and won some new fans judging by the crowd’s reaction. Remember the name Sam Perry if you ever want to see some seriously amazing shit on stage.

To wrap things up for the night was popular hip-hop/indie act The Empty Cup. With a string section included it would interesting to hear their set as this was the one act that a lot of people were there to see. They came on strong and pulled the crowd inside from the cold. After Kruger’s heartfelt speech about how much he loves what he does the band jammed through throwing out thick beats. They’ve got a tight group and they blend well together. The Front man’s over-confident swagger was strong but the band’s easy going persona carried it well. The music was easy, good beats with the strings bringing a nice change in sound. The band launched their new single Riposte for JL, which was a crowd pleaser and certainly something the band should be proud of.
Although they didn’t grab hold as intensely as the earlier acts, they did managed to smash it out towards the end of their set and that made the room move. With their debut album set to be released later this year it seems The Empty Cup has got it together and ready to storm the Perth hip-hop scene.

These acts are just a smidge of what’s out there and a good sign of what’s to come for Perth. Get out there and support the local scene, get to a random gig and discover something new. Jump on the bandwagon and see the bands in the more intimate gigs before they crack it – you’ll love it.

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