Gig Review: P!nk opens 2013 Australian tour in Perth with a blast

Review of the amazing P!nk opening her 2013 Truth About Love tour in Perth.

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P!nk’s Australian tour smashed open with an energetic, explosive and highly entertaining show which has set a new standard for performers going (literally) above and beyond, writes Jessica Boccamazzo.

Amid explosions and fireworks, P!nk burst through the stage floor and into the air, strapped to a trapeze, to party starter “Raise Your Glass”. The arena came alive with electricity, making a huge impression on the crowd.

From there, P!nk didn’t slow down. A slew of songs came through fast with a good mixture of new and old including “Walk of Shame”, “Just Like A Pill”, “U + Ur Hand” and “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)”, upon which she encouraged the crowd to dance as badly as possible. Even though she didn’t stop moving throughout the majority of songs, Pink’s vocals were energetic and strong, which shows just why this girl can sell out a 46 show tour.

An amazing solo trapeze performance accompanied “Try” before P!nk’s buff dance partner helped her down and joined her for the second part of the song to recreate one of the most talked about dance routines of recent times.

An unexpected song in the list was a hauntingly beautiful version of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”. As the mist rolled across the stage, Pink’s vocals were smooth, doing the song justice and tying in nicely with the theme of the tour. Dropping out of sight at the close of the song, P!nk reappeared for “Just Give Me A Reason” with fun. frontman Nate Ruess onscreen for his parts. You can see the sweat and love that P!nk puts into this and every song she sings, giving one of the most heartfelt performances of the night.

Downtime in the set started with P!nk on the piano, holding a beautiful solo performance of “Great Escape” that she held with grace. Followed by an acoustic section, Pink and her lead guitarist Justin came close in for a passionate stripped back version of “Who Knew”. Cindy Lauper’s hit “Time After Time” got a good work through, flowing beautifully even though P!nk admittedly didn’t know the words and humbly read them from paper.

Reaching to the crowd often throughout the concert, shaking hands and getting close with stage front punters, P!nk accepted gifts from fans and like a kid at Christmas cheekily ran them to the back of stage, warning off her dancers. At one point, reading a home-made sign in the front row requesting a hug, P!nk obliged and leaned down to the elated fan.

A quick video montage of photos from P!nk’s childhood flashed on screen, rolling into a medley of “Most Girls / There You Go / You Make Me Sick” , recalling the swagger of the P!nk we first met back in 2000.

Ending the show with “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” was a no brainer as the crowd stayed in the zone the whole time and greeted the song with gusto. All the dancers were so colourful and eye popping, making P!nk look like the superstar she is. Leaving the stage quickly there was of course going to be an encore, but what came next was the show stopper that blew everyone away…

The smash hit “So What” is the finale and, attached to a harness and flying through the air, P!nk delivers in a remarkable finish. Punching out the vocals, she soared up in the air and around the arena, managing to give the punters in the back rows a close up performance. A truly spectacular way to finish the show, proving she knows exactly what the crowd wants and how to entertain them.

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