I recently started on the Michelle Bridge 12 Week Body Transformation bandwagon and let’s just say.. it’s been an interesting ride.. and it’s only early days!!

Only four days into the challenge and already there has been a few hiccups. It’s been interesting to see how I handle these interruptions as I generally get cranky quite easily and once I crack the shits I tend to stay in a mood for quite some time. But, surprisingly, I’ve been pleasantly upbeat about it all.

Day 2 ended with me staying back at work longer than intended, so my first problem there was I missed my gym class. Secondly, I had a fight with my mum so I was a bit fired up and very cranky. Not really in the mood to workout! Third hiccup was that I hadn’t done my shopping for dinner that night so I was disappointed in myself for not being organised.

Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who is super awesome and went to Coles for me (with the 12WBT recipe in hand) and got all the ingredients I needed for dinner that night. What a spunk! Hmm still need to pay out my reward for that good deed.. Β With the man off gathering food, I decided to put my fight with mum on hold and smash a home workout from the program. And I felt SO much better for doing it! I’m glad I did it, will remember that next time I’m not wanting to work out! And yes don’t worry, mother and I made up, we are such drama queens.

Day 3 hiccup consisted of the family dinner. Yup, only the beginning of the program and already having to make better meal choices when out for dinner. I’M NOT READY FOR THIS YET, PEOPLE!! And where do we go for dinner? The scrumptious il Pasto where they have all delightful meals full of meat, pasta and ohhh cheese! Being half Italian I must say I am a pasta freak. I love it. Unfortunately my ass does not.. so, to play along with the program, I had to rethink my choices.

And I will tell you now, it was torture. Never have I EVER been to an Italian restaurant and ordered something other than pasta, pizza or cotoletta. When the waiter came to ask me what I wanted, I very quickly closed my eyes and pointed to the grilled fish. FISH?! PESCHE? Ugh I was miserable. Did I want any salad? NO I do not want the salad you moron I want the biggest bowl of pasta you can find!! That’s what I really wanted to say… Β And as the meals came out I squirmed in my seat and just stared at my dish. It was all I could do to stop myself from tackling my man out of his chair to steal his deliciously looking bowl of ragu. I will admit, I did sneak a mouse size nibble of his pasta to satisfy me and GAWD it was delish. And the fish was a bit of alright too. Definitely check this place out if you’re in the Inglewood hood peeps!

All said and done, I am super proud of myself for sticking to my guns and having the healthier option. It goes to show that even someone like me (who is soooo easily persuaded to eat all the bad stuff) is able to find the willpower inside and push through.

Let’s hope I can make it through another week without stabbing someone for a piece of chocolate..

Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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