Not completely off the wagon

So, I cracked it. For some reason, there was a brain snap and I was suddenly in Coles, bottom lip out trying to not put the box of Guylian chocolates into the shopping basket. It wasn’t pretty.

Not sure why this happened. Week 2 started off pretty positive. I did a big food shop at the beginning of the week so I was all sorted for my meals. I had done a workout each day as per Michelle’s instructions. Heck, even the scales were nice to me and told me I’m down a bit again (yew!) But Thursday night it went a bit pear shaped and threw me off.

That night, I decided to go shopping for new sports-wear. Actually, to be specific I wanted to buy a crop-top. Now, this doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people, but for someone who has a fuller bust size (read: bazooka-level)  this is a huge deal. For me I’ve always worn a sensible sports bra that could double as a slingshot. I’ve never considered anything else. So crop-top shopping was on my agenda and WOWEE can I just say that these are the most comfortable darn things ever! For someone that cannot go without a bra for fear of blowin in the wind, this feels like the next best thing! So awesomely comfortable, I’m just bummed I didn’t get into this shit ages ago.

With my new life-changing purchases secured, I came home quite late on Thursday night to find the chicken in my fridge not looking very good, so there goes dinner for the night. I ended up with a mish-mash meal of peanut butter toast, a cup of tea and a couple of sneaky Cacao Fudge Bites (they are 12WBT friendly peeps, I swear!)   Also, as it was late there was no chance of making the patties that I needed for my lunch the next day so I knew I was going to be in trouble come lunch time tomorrow. Don’t judge me readers!! All I wanted was a good stretch, watch a few eps of Friends (so what? I’m reliving the goodness!) and to fall asleep by eleven pm is that so bad?!

Friday, now that I think about it, wasn’t going to end well seeing as it started off with me sleeping past my alarm, getting to work late and then dropping my yoghurt on the floor next to my desk.Yes, clearly I was on a roll. After a productive day in and out of the office (read: lunchtime shopping trip) I was home to do my Friday workout before the man got home and we could go to the shops for dinner ingredients.

Cue the Coles trip that could’ve lost me a boyfriend. I was already a bit cranky as I was hungry due to the lack of snacks I took to work that day (oh and in case you were wondering I had a Nandos wrap for lunch… It was a healthy one but I accidentally/on-purpose added cheese, so shoot me!)  As we walked the aisles, I stopped at the popcorn to pick up a bag thinking it would cure my craving for something naughty. Nope, put it back. What about a bag of.. nope put that back too. But when I saw the sweet little six pack of Guylian seashell chocolates… dear Lord, that poor man of mine almost bolted.

I’ve probably blown my chances of ever having children with him as he now knows what it’s like to have a child in the supermarket wanting something so badly that they’re  willing to stomp their feet for it. I wanted it!! I even checked how many calories it would cost me if I smashed the whole six (a mere 354 for those of you playing along at home) So in the basket it went. And then I took it out again. I held it in my hand, scrunched up my nose and looked at my boyfriend for his reaction. He’s a smart man though, told me to have it if I really wanted it. I’m sure he wanted to scream at me JUST EAT THEM YOU SILLY COW!! I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE IN A CRAP MOOD ALL NIGHT!! JUST EAT THEM!! If he had said no don’t do it then I probably would’ve taken it. But I didn’t. Me, of all people, put the beautiful little chocolates back on the shelf, sulked away and went home to have a yummy healthy meal.

I wish I could tell you that the moment I put that box back on the shelf was a proud and defining moment of this challenge. But no sorry, I can’t do that. I’m just a big baby.

So I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon. I’ve managed to cling on for dear life and sit back on it, though quite close to the edge. The next few weeks are going to get even harder with the silly season approaching so it’s going to be very interesting indeed.

But when this whole thing is over, bitch, those chocolates are mine.

Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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