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I just read an interesting email from the fabulous Gala Darling which made me think a little about all this blog biz. For those of you who don’t know who Gala Darling is then I suggest you hip hop it over to her site now and check out her stuff. I always love getting her email in my inbox as it’s always full of amazingly positive stories and good advice. Always seems to come right when you need it!

In Gala’s latest post she tells us how she’s been blogging for ten years now. Ten years! Think about where you were ten years ago and how much you/life has changed since then. Ten years ago I hadn’t even had any overseas adventures yet, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life and I was in a relationship that I thought I’d be in forever. Not only that, all our social media sites that we now log into first thing each day weren’t around. So people like Gala who were blogging way back then have seen how much the scape has changed and what a difference social media really makes.

Fun fact: did you know that way back in 1994 a dude called Justin Hall from Swarthmore College started his online “personal homepage” called which is now known as the the first blog recognised in the online world. The term “blog” came from the word “weblog” which was created by Jorn Barger around 1997, used to describe the process of “logging the web”. The word was then shorted again in 1999 to “blog”,  which we all now know is a way of showing people lots of photos of your cat.

Gala has even admitted that she barely reads blogs much any more. There are a few that she gets stuck in to but that’s about it. For her it’s more about Instagram these days, which I totally agree with..  you get a better feeling for who the people are and what they like in an easy to digest format. Plus it’s such an amazing way to be quickly immersed in some beautiful photos and content alike and to then follow other similar pages/stalk people that you used to date… and then next thing you know you’re 76 weeks deep in someone’s account and you have a heart attack when you almost like one of their photos. Yeah, like that hasn’t happened to you!

So why the hell, you ask, are you bagging out blogging and praising Instagram? Well I’m not really, I just put that question in your head. All I’m saying is that we don’t need to be typing an essay of things that we love, or ranting and raving in a 7 page blog post about how the teenager at McDonald’s forgot to give you sauce with your nuggets and that the kids of today don’t know how hard it was growing up without the internet (seriously, remember when you had to research stuff at the library… from books!?) and they need a kick up the bum. People don’t want to read about that from you. They’ll get that from all those online lifestyle magazines that they follow on every social media site (but really they want to unfollow, it’s just that everyone in the office talks about the articles so they don’t want to miss out on the convo) so really you should be giving them something else to think about, something else to read.

I can’t talk! Some of my previous posts (not that there is many of them) have been long- winded and whingey. But it’s what I wanted to post at the time. I’ve had a blog on and off for about five years now. In the past it’s mainly consisted of poetry, ramblings and photos as I’ve never really known what to blog about. But now I have other ideas as to how I want this space to run. Yes I know it’s taken me a while to figure it out. But I’m the queen of procrastination. I’ve procrastinated so much so that I’ve even found out which house I would be in if I was at Hogwarts (Gryffindor BTW). Thanks Pottermore #potterhead4lyfe

Which leads me back to the questions that Gala asked herself in that email.

What do I want to write about?

How do I want this space to look?

Those questions are pretty important and hard to answer if you don’t really have any idea.

I want to write about people, things that are happening, thing you should do, places you should go, things that I like and that you should be checking out too cos clearly if I like it then it’s awesome. And if you don’t like my suggestions then that’s fine, I can point you in the direction of the unfollow button.

But if you want to stick around and see what I’ve got coming up then I’m glad to have you.


Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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