Changing it up

The Curious Observer has had a refresh!

Remember not too long ago I mentioned things would be changing after my hit of inspiration? Well, it’s all finally happening!

So what’s it all about? Two things – sharing what I love and getting to know people!

It all came from my curiosity of wanting to know more about the people behind the brands and Instagram accounts that I love. Who are they? Where do they live? What is their background? Are they a cat or a dog person? You know, all the important questions…

So, starting in May, The Curious Observer will be bringing you profiles of the people behind the brands!

I’ll be profiling people from a range of Instagram accounts and brands, big and small, so you’ll get to know all about them.

I’ll also be posting my favourite finds on Instagram so you can get to know me and what I like. I’ll be sharing things I love from accounts that inspire and entertain me.

I’m super excited to start sharing and help you discover new and amazing brands that are out there.
The first profile will be live on TCO website soon and I’ll be sharing my loves in Insta even sooner so stick around, you might discover something new.

You can check out my Insta page right here

Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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