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Go-To Skincare has quite possibly some of the most amazing skincare products I’ve ever used. Created by the magnificent Zoë Foster-Blake (aka Queen Zoë) this product range is all natural and cruelty free, which are two very good reasons to use their goods, but I do know that sometimes it is hard to try a new product for fear it may wreak havoc with your skin. Whilst I understand that everyone is different, I’ve kindly done a little note on each product for you in case you needed a little bit more persuasion. If you want to smell incredible and have fabulous looking skin then read on dear friends and jump on through to the Go-To website when you are ready to take the purchase plunge.


Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys

I used to hate exfoliating. I could never find a product that wasn’t harsh on my skin, everything I used was too rough or made me break out. Plus, I used to think I don’t want no scrub, a scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me, hanging out the passenger side of his best friends ride, tryin to holler at me. Amiright, TLC? But Exfoliating Swipeys showed me the good scrub! This is the only exfoliant I will use now. These wipes are super gentle and I literally just swipe all over my face now without ruining my skin. Remember kids, as Queen Zoë says, do this after cleansing and don’t swipe more than 3 times a week. Simples.

Get your scrub on here.


Go-To Skincare Exceptionoil

I could go on for daaaays about how good this little lass is! Quite possibly the best product ever to be created (apart from Ice Magic of course but we’ll do a story on that another day). Not only does Exceptionoil immediately make you think you’re on a tropical holiday with the divine Monoi de Tahiti fragrance but it is so versatile you can use it all over your body. I mainly use it on my sexy bod-ay for moisturising when I’m feeling particularly dry (especially in winter) or on dry elbows, heels and my hands, giving my cuticles a good whack of nourishment whilst I’m at it. Popping a sneaky little bit on the ends of your hair for an extra bit of conditioning is also definitely encouraged. Exceptionoil is a great travel buddy too. She came with me on my travels throughout Europe and she was so polite the whole time – making my skin feel delicious each day, helping me when I caught a bit too much sun, teaming up with wine and cheekily encouraging me to go skinny dipping even when my boyfriend said I shouldn’t… ah the memories.

Get oiled up here, now!


Go-To Skincare Face Hero

The name speaks for itself really, this guy is here to save your face. This is a must have. I use Face Hero underneath my moisturiser in the morning to give my skin an extra boost. Use this gem at night too and you can also add a few drops in with your moisturiser in case you’re short on time (so basically no excuses, peeps!) In winter, when your skin is feeling particularly dry and you need just a little extra somthin’ somethin’ to make it glow, Face Hero is perfect. It hydrates the shit out of your face and fights to keep away baddies like dark spots and fine lines. My hero! *swoon* Highly recommended, my friends.

I need a hero, get me to the site! I also want to listen to the hero song.


Go-To Skincare (Pinky-Nudey) Lips!

This is a second version of Go-To Skincare’s original Lips! product. The original is a fabulous and hydrating lip balm with a hint of shine but Queen Zoë came up with another idea cos she is a sassy little minx and likes to keep us looking amazing. (Pinky-Nudey) Lips! has the same basis as Lips! but it has (as its name suggests) a pinky-nudey tint to it. Crazy, I know! It’s got a shiteload more amazing ingredients in it to keep your lips nourished plus it has SPF 15 in it which we all know is very important. I’m using this constantly and even though I have to stop myself from licking my lips cos it’s so damn tasty I love having soft and fabulous lips to kiss my boyfriend with (eewww boy germs!)

Get your lip lovin’ here.


Image via Go-To Skincare
Image via Go-To Skincare

Whilst I’m all out of this product at the moment (so she’s not featured in my main photo) I can highly recommend this one for a nourishing night cream that will make all your dreams come true… well, not really, but she will give your skin loads of goodness and hydration whilst you dream about Chris Hemsworth as she’s full of the all-important anti-oxidents that we need to keep our skin supple and fresh. I don’t use her as my day cream as I prefer to use a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it but you can use Very Useful Face Cream plus a physical sunscreen on top of it if you wish to use in the AM – this nugget of gold is direct from the horse’s mouth, legit! Check it out here if you don’t believe me..

I need dreamy skin at night, take me to the site!


Go-To Skincare Properly Clean

This guy, what an absolute legend. Properly Clean gets the award for being the ultimate multi-tasker – being tough to remove makeup but also being a big ol’ softie on my skin. I use PC (that’s his gang name) every day in the shower, once in the morning to get rid of my night cream and again in the evening to take off my make-up – it removes everything! Now, I don’t wear a lot of make-up every day, mainly just concealer, mascara and bronzer and occasionally some eye liner if I’m feeling able to draw a straight line. Some of you might think that it won’t get off all the other gunk like eyeshadow, foundation, powder, false eyelashes that have stuck to your face from the night before. But yes I can attest that it certainly does get rid of everrryything. But not your bad decisions from that night, no sorry you’ll have to do several hail Mary’s to undo that stuff. If you feel the need to do two rounds of PC to make sure you’ve got it all off then go for it. Get on board and make your daily routine even easier with PC.

Yes please I want to be in the gang!

So kids, don’t forget a healthy skin care regime is very important, almost as important as multiple jugs of sangria on your birthday. The above product reviews are my own and any advice I’ve given has been from my own experience plus tips I have read from the Go-To Skincare website. And remember – all skin types are different but must be loved equally. Do what’s best for your own skin as what works for me could be different for you. But definitely show your skin some love, it’s the only one you’ve got.

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