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If you follow my personal Instagram account (what? You don’t? Quick, click here and get on board!) you would know that I went to see Adele on her first stop Down Under. Here’s a few words on why I left the concert on a high.

Last night I got to witness an incredible performance by the one and only Adele. And when I say incredible I mean it was actually a mind-blowing-insanely-good-heart-stopping-goosebump-inducing performance, wrapped up with an important message for everyone to take home.

Adele was my holy grail. My big catch. Listening to her songs for years now, and embracing her uniqueness, I’ve always wanted to hear that powerful voice live. And under the stars, no less (a voice like that cannot be confined indoors). I just knew she would be sensational if I ever got to see her.

My wish was granted when Adele took to the stage last night, outdoors, to wow me with songs spanning her entire career. Apparently, there was another 64,999 people there too but I didn’t notice. I was so absorbed in her performance. I sat there for most of the show with my mouth gaped open, disbelief that she was actually there in front of me.


As Adele rolled through the songs that made her the powerhouse she is today, it was the moments in between the songs that made it even more special for me. There’s an insight into her soul, the stories behind those massive songs and realising that she’s had huge turning points in her life, but hearing them out loud makes it real.

She was honest and told us she was nervous. It showed a vulnerable side to her which is so refreshing, making her the bravest performer most of us have ever seen. There was no big showy act to prove anything to anyone. It was amazing. It was genuine and beautiful.

She’s had the heartbreak, the shit times, the moments that tore her in two. But she talked about them. She was honest and spoke to openly about all these impacts which made her. Some did break her but she pulled herself out and made it something bigger.

Even though the stories were unexpected they were certainly welcome. Adele opened up to us like we were old friends, she wanted to bring us into her world. Her sincerity is inspiring. Her humble nature is captivating. She showed that you need to stay true to yourself and let the good things come through after the bad has ended. And I am forever in her debt for reminding me to be humble, honest and truthful to myself and stay above the rising doubt waters.

Simply remarkable.

A role model for the ages. Adele, we thank you x


Adele Perth 2017

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