I just had an amazing two hour long phone chat with my bestie. Yep, two hours. But it felt like 15 minutes. Even with my red wine headache from last night’s antics, (is three bottles between two people too many?) I loved spending my morning talking away an impending hangover. I was also 100% flaked on my couch so that certainly helped ease my head. If we lived in the same state then we’d be chatting IRL but, alas, she’s still in chilly Melbourne.

We chatted about all sorts of things… general life catch up, my recent therapy session, her recent difficult conversations with an old friend… and then we talked about anxiety, panic attacks, babies… so much. After that we then exchanged our recent creative achievements which was beautiful. She shared with me a song that she had written and recorded with her band and, past my tears, my heart swelled with pride for her! I was literally speechless, not because it was a surprise to me that she is talented (she’s been singing for years and her band’s latest album is awesome, check out my favourite track from the album here) but because I wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional over it. I’m listening to it again right now but I’m not crying, I swear… ok, I’m crying.

She wrote a song, pitched it to her band and they recorded it. Something she didn’t think she could do. Or that the band would like. It makes me so bloody happy that she took that step and said hey I’ve written some stuff, what do you think? Cos it’s fucking hard to do that. Anyone out there who creates something, whatever it may be, knows how hard it is to push your own work. And do you know what’s really nice? Telling someone what they have made is amazing. Hearing their genuine happiness that you liked something they made. Not everything that people make will be liked by everyone. And that’s fine. If the song was shit I would have told her and burnt my ears off. KIDDING! Of course I wouldn’t say or do that. Because I’m not an asshole. But I would still tell her it’s great and how amazing I think she is for putting herself out there.

pic via @positivelypresent

The pride you have when someone close to you creates something is such an amazing feeling. You’re like “I know that person! Lookit what my person is doing! I’m so happy for my person!” And I was so moved by the song and her voice, I loved how it made me feel. And it makes me feel SO HAPPY to feel like this. ALL OF THE FEELS, GUYS! It’s a fuckin feel festival over here! I wish she could have shared it with me sooner but I know she needed time… I too am guilty of not sharing not only my thoughts but my creative achievements either so I totally get it.

Anyway, lovely people, the reason for today’s post is to highlight the fact that my friend did an awesome thing and she feels amazing for sharing her soul with me. And you should encourage the people in your life to do their amazing thing. Lift them up because even if they don’t say it, they need it sometimes.


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