Back, After the Break – Osher Günsberg

Osher is an Australian TV and radio presenter, mental health advocate and now an accomplished author. His book “Back, After the Break” is a memoir which not only tales his career from the humble roadie, to his first radio gig, through to current job as host of some of Australia’s most popular TV shows, it also dives into his struggles with anxiety, bouts of psychosis and substance abuse.

I find Osher a very engaging personality so I really enjoyed the read. It was frank, engaging, heartfelt and inspirational. It was also a very surprising read as I had no idea how much Osher had battled with the demons in the past. And as I work in the radio industry I could sympathise with some of the feelings he has about working in media. It’s a tricky world to be in sometimes.

One positive to take away from a book like this is that mental health is getting a front row seat thanks to people like Osher opening up and not being afraid to talk about it. It’s an extremely positive movement in a time when people need it most. We’re less engaged in the real world and it’s important to share our stories to let others know they’re not alone.

I highly recommend this read as it’s a powerful reminder that whatever you see on the outside might not mean it’s all ok on the inside.

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