hey there sunshine!

Been a big few weeks in our household. The husband broke his collarbone playing footy so he’s out of action for a while. Needless to say, my wine intake has increased slightly.

Distraction comes in many ways, reading different things and journaling when I get a quiet moment. Here’s a few things I’ve found to be quite delightful, hope you find something inspiring or entertaining below.

Also, trying a different tact this week and posting this on the blog as well as the newsletter. Apologies if you follow both.

Enjoy 😊


High Score – doco on Netflix shows the stories behind some of the world’s most iconic video games and their producers. Finding it really interesting.

I baked these choc chip brownie bars and even though I burnt the top they still tasted delish (note to self, really need to get my oven looked at).

But also these brownies with buttercream frosting look amazing. Have not attempted to make them but will soon! If you give them a crack let me know how they turn out.

Currently reading My Sister the Serial Killer for Pub Book Club.

This video of a young Nigerian boy dancing in the rain is beautiful, and the story that goes with it is even better.

This footage of a storm rolling in looks like Thanos is about to bust through the clouds and wreak havoc on the city below. Awesome stuff.

Kids driving you bonkers? Or know someone who kids are driving them bonkers? This ultimate family bucket list is definitely worth a peek in case you’re needing some fresh ideas to keep those little darlings entertained.  As for your friend, send them the list along with a bottle of wine. They’ll love you.

Something you didn’t know you needed to read until now. Thirty things you can say to a toddler and  your drunk friend. Brilliant.


Get out there and find some arty goodness to lighten up your life.

Instagram is full of amazing art to inspire you in any way. Go get your face into that stuff!

Deb McNaughton’s art is a dream of colours splashed together with fun and striking accents. There’s so much to see in her work and the colours will guarantee to put you in a good mood.

Check out her work and enjoy some brightness in your feed




THIS!  A skit on life before kids vs life after kids is accurate and hilarious.

Pretty sure we could all do with a laugh, and then maybe a cry, because deep down we know the content of the video rings true.

Life Before Kids vs Life After Kids


Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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