hi friend!

Hi friend! I hope you’re having a positive week and keeping well as we hurtle towards the back end of the year. I hear it’s only 12 weeks til Christmas… sorry to bring that to your attention.

My best bits of the week are… enjoying time with friends and laughing lots, discovering a new happy playlist, finally getting stuck into reworking our front room (it’s been a mess for way too long) and watching Lenny attempt to walk on his own. Almost there but still needs a bit of confidence.

Sending you positive and happy vibes to kick off your fresh week. Remember, stop choosing whatever isn’t choosing you – you are way too precious to be second best. 

And as always, some fun links for you below.

Enjoy 😊


This footage of Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira breaking her own world record of largest wave surfed is absolutely insane, and gives me goose bumps/heart palpitations.

Finalists from the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced and some of these pics are absolute crackers. My personal favourite is the group of penguins with the straggler at the end having a cheeky vom (sounds like a standard night out with your mates).

I cannot love this guy enough! Rohit Roygre is on a mission to give up a fizzy drink addiction and, thanks to his daily videos on Tik Tok, he has a supportive following of 297K fans and has now hit over 100 days of the evil drink. Go Rohit, you bloody legend!

Ever wondered how the days of the week got their names? Wonder no more! Let me introduce you to Gill, who explains it all. I recently discovered her YouTube channel, Learn English with Gill, and she is an absolute delight. The way Gill presents is so calming and refreshing to watch.

One of my all time favourite movies, Almost Famous, turned 20 this year – way to make you feel old, hey! This article with un-seen images from the movie set are like a backstage pass of one of the greatest rock movies ever made. Or park up with a cuppa and watch this recent interview with the film’s director Cameron Crowe and stars Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup and Patrick Fugit.

A photo opportunity with a big croc? Sure, as long as he doesn’t move…

(Feel bad for the girls but I still laughed)

Whilst this doco, Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey, is almost ten years old, it’s still delight to watch – such a magical look into Elmo and how he came to become one of the world’s most lovable characters.

A rugby team that sings beautiful harmony? One minute of something graceful for your ears to to enjoy.


Get out there and find some arty goodness to lighten up your life.

Instagram is full of amazing art to inspire you in any way. Go get your face into that stuff!

This week’s Insta-Art is from Daisy Hill who is an incredible Aboriginal artist. Daisy’s work shows the spirit of her culture and their stories and in some cases uses different shades of colours to the traditional colours used in Aboriginal art. It’s truly beautiful.




An oldie but still hilarious… the caption to this video is “when you’re moody and not getting your own way”.

I’ve definitely been this parrot before 🦜🤣

Parrot stomp

Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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