grab a cuppa!

Well, here it is folks!

2021 has arrived and has a fair amount of pressure to perform a whole lot better than 2020. Feel kinda sorry for the wee lad.

It’s been a while since I popped into your inbox, which was not how I had intended it to be. In October my usual job became insanely full on, which drained me of my will to do anything else in my spare time. I hardly had the energy to do things with my little man let alone try to write or paint or read. I hardly saw or spoke to my friends which I really fucking hate that I haven’t been there for them. It was a fair amount of struggle to get through it all and no surprises that I ended up pretty sick a few weeks ago. 

Now that I’ve had some time off over the holiday period I’m slowly starting to feel the breeze again. It feels like I’m almost back to my normal self… I hope it stays that way.

But there are some positives that happened too! The main one being that the little man started walking! So amazing to watch him grow. And don’t forget about the talking too – we’ve got a big chatterbox on our hands which is bloody cute.

A whole new year of possibilities awaits and I’m looking forward to seeing it all unfold.

Sending you positive and happy vibes to kick off your fresh year. 

And as always, some fun links for you below.

Enjoy πŸ˜Š

Want to see some happy news from 2020? Of course you do! The Happy Newspaper have popped their 20 favourite happy headlines from the past year on their Instagram – go forth and feel the feels!

If you want to kick off your new year with a system for getting on top of your household chores then you’ve got to check out The Organised Mum Method. It’s a pretty simple method but it actually works! I know what you’re thinking… I now get excited over processes for housework #lame

If you’d rather spend your time looking for an invisible cow then I recommend you click here. Warning: this is highly addictive and hilarious! 

Considering we’ve probably all just watched a stack of Christmas movies, this clip from the Netflix doco The Holiday Movies That Made Us is quite fitting. It shows how they shot scenes from Elf in forced perspective to make Will Ferrell appear larger than the rest of the cast. Pretty cool!

Meet Joan and Douglas, ready for their first blind date. Absolutely delightful.

This 7 year old singing Chaka Kahn is glorious!

Have you ever seen nearly a million starlings flying together? This flock of synchronised starlings is a mesmerising sight. 

I don’t know why but the small sunnies kinda creep me out.


Get out there and find some arty goodness to lighten up your life.

Instagram is full of amazing art to inspire you in any way. Go get your face into that stuff!

Whenever I see Liv Vardy’s art I always feel a sense of calm. Her work is beautiful abstract art, and her colour palette is always perfect. 

Click through to check out her page and go deep to immerse yourself.




Considering the amount of energy that was zapped from me whilst working, I find this pie chart satisfyingly funny.

Although, the “what an idiot” section could be increased quite a bit more…

Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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