To be curious is a wonderful thing. It opens your mind to a whole new world just by asking a few questions or reading something you wouldn’t normally expose yourself to. It’s how we learn about the world and the people in it.


A bit about me in case you were curious. I’m Jess, an Arian and a mixture of awkwardness and stubbornness all rolled into a delightful little ball made of Italian skin. Fact: only half Italian… the Aussie part just hijacks the olive skin and goes along for the ride whilst enjoying copious amounts of pasta.

A West Australian girl at heart, though time spent living in Melbourne and Queensland has provided many tales of love, bad choices and good times. Now living back in sunny Perth with a nice country boy, a wee bub and a fluffball cat. I work in the radio industry which can be quite frantic at times but it is interesting and full of loveable nutjobs who like to talk… a lot.

I enjoy reading, writing (obviously), puzzles and adding TV shows to my list that I’ll never watch. There are a lot of things I’m not good at, including cooking, paying attention, craft and anything to do with numbers. Though there are a few things on the can do list, like kick your ass at Mario Kart, being an exceptional list writer and being very good at giving advice after a few red wines.


This blog is a bit of fun, nothing too serious but hopefully you find out something new along the way. If you’re a fan of my Instagram page you’ll know I like to share the love of the pages and brands I love so you can love them too. This is purely because if I’ve found something that I absolutely loooove – be it a product, a brand, books, movies – then I’ll bang on about it to anyone who’ll listen.

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Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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