This blog is a bit of fun, nothing too serious but hopefully you find out something new along the way. Make sure you check out my Instagram pageย or Facebook if that’s your thing, who bloody knows what I might post on there.

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A bit about me in case you were curious (you might not be but hey, you’re here anyway).

I’m Jess, an Arian and a mixture of awkwardness and stubbornness all rolled into a delightful little ball made of Italian skin. Fact: only half Italian… the Aussie part just hijacks the olive skin and goes along for the ride whilst enjoying copious amounts of pasta.

I love… reading, writing (obviously), puzzles, cartoons, astrology and adding TV shows to my list that I’ll never watch.

I don’t really like… rude people, olives, tequila, missing out on fun and laundry.

Things I’m not great at: cooking, paying attention, craft and anything to do with numbers.

Stuff I’m really good at: kicking your ass at Mario Kart, being an exceptional list writer and giving advice after a few red wines.



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