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The first issue of the delivery of delightful reads was sent back in March when our worlds were at the start of a very strange time. 

I’ve continued to send out newsletters since then but now I’ll also be posting the each full issue here on the website so you can either read them here or subscribe to the mailing list. 

I’m enjoying creating these mailouts and I’ve had great feedback from some of the readers too which is lovely.

I may try and play catch up and post previous issues on the website but will see how I go.

Below is the first issue if you want to have a read.




Here are some things I’ve enjoyed discovering so I’m sharing the love with you.

Grab a cuppa, a coupla bikkies and dig in.

Enjoy 😊

Would you try no-screen Sundays?

Have you ever seen a fresh-out-of-the-womb baby give off this much attitude? Didn’t think so.

Still in the operating theatre, just a lady casually playing the violin whilst undergoing brain surgery. Legit.

This peanut butter chicken recipe from Ricki-Lee (yep, the singer) is deeeelish and one of my faves. She does waffle on a bit in the video (bless) so head to the 5 minute mark to get stuck in.

The working-from-home master, Austin Kleon, has some tips for all you peeps suddenly having to stay focused and do some work at home. 

Need a little pick-me-up? This cute “Confidence Boost” playlist on Spotify will sort you out. Filled with catchy pop songs it’s guaranteed to make you feel good. 

These “Really Cool Picnic Baskets” from Picnic Season are… really cool! We got one for our family Christmas present and use it all the time. Snazzy picnics all round!  

Ever wondered what happens to your checked luggage at the airport? Take a little ride and see.

If you’ve lost a bit of your mojo and feeling unmotivated, here’s five reasons why you could be feeling like that… and solutions to help you get back on top!



Get out there and find some arty goodness to lighten up your life.

Instagram is full of amazing art to inspire you in any way. Go get your face into that stuff!

This here is the colour palette of Jess Swan. If you’re not inspired after seeing Jess’s art, well then… come back next week and see if I can help you then. Get around the colours and the glorious pieces she creates – STUNNING!



If you don’t laugh you’ll cry…

When you need funny, you find tweets from parents who have had it up to *here* with this shit.


Show me the funny!

Got some thoughts on this? Let us know!

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